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LiftCrete is a locally owned and operated. Our company offers effective and affordable solutions to homeowners and businesses. See our Services tab for more detail!


LiftCrete offers the environmentally conscientious and money saving solution for raising concrete slabs to the proper height. Raise it! Don’t Replace it!

Green Foam Solutions offers the environmentally conscientious and money saving solution for raising concrete slabs to the proper height.

Posted by LiftCrete Solutions on Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Polyurethane Foam Technology

Polyurethane technology consists of two elements: a polymer that consists of many (poly) organic units linked by carbamate (urethane). These two elements combine and expand to lift concrete to the proper level and then set up as a dense, hard solid. The long-term benefits of polyurethane include being environmentally safe, affordable and clean

Professionally Trained Experts

Our team of professional installers focus on quality and customer service. Precautions are taken to employ standards of safety to keep the worksite clean and organized. Providing solutions in a professional manner is what we do!

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Our Mission

Our mission at LiftCrete is manifold. First, we offer affordable and environmentally sound polyurethane solutions to homeowners and businesses including concrete repair/replacement and void filling. Secondly, we desire to expand the job market in Central Texas by establishing a network of jobs that offer financial security to employees and their families.